Corporate social responsibility

Our approach to CSR

For Norvic Shipping, corporate social responsibility relates to how we do business and contribute to developing a sustainable shipping industry. For this reason, we strive to integrate social, environmental and ethical concerns into everything we do.

We believe that a global joint effort is necessary to combat issues such as corruption, and harmful emissions. For this reason, bettering these areas will require all industries to make changes – including the shipping industry. Therefore we ensure, through our company policies, that social and environmental responsibility is a factor at all levels of our organization.

Anti-Corruption Policy

Trust is a cornerstone of our business. For this reason, one of our priorities is ensuring that all Norvic’s activities reflect reliability, honesty and good intentions.

Norvic Shipping has a zero-tolerance policy towards bribery. Bribery is the illegal acceptance or offering of solicitation or promise of benefits of any kind to gain an advantage. We are committed to compliance with international laws on bribery.

To ensure that our ethical principles are upheld we are members of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) and we are Trace Certified. 

Ethical principles

Norvic aims to set industry standards for ethical behavior by ensuring that all levels of the organization, including any business partners, follow guidelines for ethical behavior and any relevant Canadian and International regulations. Furthermore, we insist on conducting all our business and interactions in a way that expresses openness, pride, dedication, and complies with our ethical principles:

We will carry out our business fairly, honestly and openly.

We do not accept any form of discrimination of employees or others involved in our activities.

We do not accept any form of corruption, nor will we condone it taking place on our behalf to influence business.

We will avoid doing business with others who do not accept our values and who may harm our reputation.

We shall be careful about giving and accepting gifts or other services.

We will keep clear and updated records of all business transactions made on behalf of the company.

We will avoid situations where personal interests may conflict with the interests of the company.

We will treat all information, assets and property of the company responsibly and professionally.

UN Global Compact

Norvic Shipping is committed to the UN Global Compact and the ten principles covering human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption.  We strive to continuously improve our communication on progress, applying the Global Reporting Initiative reporting standard as a tool.

Norvic is a member of

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