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About Norvic Shipping International Ltd.

Setting industry standards

At Norvic we take a personal approach to shipping. We believe the best way to meet customer demands is by forging long-term relationships and gaining a deep understanding of specific customer needs. That is why we make certain that our teams are comprised of experienced specialists, equipped to provide service across the spectrum of major and minor bulk commodities. 

Norvic Shipping was established in 2006 in Toronto Canada. To better meet global customer demands we have since expanded our global reach. We now have offices in New York, Houston, Copenhagen, Dubai, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Singapore.

What we do

Norvic Shipping is a leading global operator of dry bulk vessels. We assist our clients in moving dry bulk cargoes and commodities around the world with a particular focus on the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Ocean and the Arabian Gulf.

We specialize in chartering vessels and enter into both long and short-term charter agreements. In order to provide the best possible service, we believe it is important to be flexible. For this reason, we offer a number of different contracts. We cover the following types of chartering agreements:

  • Time and Voyage Charters
  • Spot Fixtures
  • Contracts of Affreightment (COA)
  • Forward Freight Agreements (FFA)
  • Joint ventures and period charters for worldwide transportation of bulk commodities

How we do it

Our experienced teams are dedicated to ensuring the optimal shipping solution for any given cargo. They do this by tailoring solutions directly to customer needs and providing complete chartering service.

Furthermore, through our strong, long-term relationships with brokers and ship owners, we have access to a large fleet of vessels. This equips us to operate a wide variety of dry bulk vessels ranging in size from Handysize to Baby Cape.

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